Published 03/06/2021 | 09:07

Wings of altarpiece by Master Michel Sittow taken to Kumu for conservation

Transporting the Passion Altarpiece. Photo: Niguliste Museum

The international research project of the Niguliste Museum Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in Dialogue is under way and the wings of the Passion Altarpiece (ca 1515–1520) were taken for conservation from the Niguliste Museum to the Kumu Art Museum that houses the conservation studios of the Art Museum of Estonia.

The work has been attributed to the workshop of Adriaen Isenbrandt or Albert Cornelis and the outer wings were painted over by Michel Sittow (c 1469–1525), a prominent master with an international career, originally from Estonia.

The wings of the Brussels Holy Kinship Altarpiece (c 1500) will also be conserved in the course of the research project. Both works will be displayed at the exhibition which will be the culmination of the project.