Precious Metals Collection

In the Silver Chamber of the Niguliste Museum, the most valuable part of the Precious Metals Collection of the Art Museum of Estonia is on display, consisting of the silverware of Tallinn guilds, churches and the Brotherhood of the Black Heads, originating in the 16th to the 20th centuries. The most notable items include toasting goblets of the guilds and brotherhoods, pitchers, serving plates and hanging signs of artisans. The oldest item among the silverware of the Brotherhood of Black Heads is a popinjay from the early 16th century, which was used as a travelling prize for the crossbow shooting contest. In 2012, the Art Museum received a remarkable present from the wife and son of the art collector Alur Reinans, who donated to the museum 206 silver objects, including many works by Estonian goldsmiths.

Tarmo Saaret