Sculpture Collection

The Sculpture Collection of the Art Museum of Estonia is composed of nearly 2,000 works by Estonian sculptors, plus miniature sculptures, medals and plaquettes.

The founders of Estonian sculpture in the 19th century were August Weizenberg and Amandus Adamson. The representatives of the period between the two world wars include Jaan Koort, Ferdi Sannamees, Voldemar Mellik, Lydia Laas, Linda Sõber and Martin Saks. Post-World War II sculptures are mostly by the following authors: Jaak Soans, Edgar Viies, Mare Mikoff, Hille Palm, Aime Kuulbusch, Ellen Kolk and Kaarel Kurismaa. The postmodernist paradigm is represented in the works of Anu Põder, Hannes Starkopf, Jass Kaselaan and others.

Juta Kivimäe

Head curator of sculpture collection