Recognitions of Niguliste Museum

Niguliste Museum has gained numerous reputable international and local awards for the research, conservation and popularisation of its collections.

IIC Keck Award 2018

The research and conservation project “Rode Altarpiece in Close-Up” received the IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) Keck Award by the Royal British Columbia Museum. A deciding factor in earning the award was the work that promoted the role and speciality of the conservator, as the project helped present the nuances of this profession to a wider audience.

The Royal British Columbia Museum’s international IIC Keck Award has been issued since 1994. The award is presented every two years at the IIC Congress to the individual or group contributing most towards promoting public understanding and appreciation of the accomplishments of the conservation profession.


European Heritage Europa Nostra Award, 2017

The European most prestigious heritage protection award in the category of scientific research was granted in 2017 to the Niguliste Museum’s Rode Altarpiece Research and Conservation Project.
The project was carried out in very close collaboration by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the fields of both science and the humanities. Their scientific research created valuable new knowledge concerning one of Estonia’s most important works of art. Comparative studies of other works attributed to Rode’s workshop were also incorporated. The new knowledge which has emerged from this research forms the basis for further development in the heritage field in Estonia, Europe and beyond. “This highly complex project has succeeded to coordinate and make use of international resources to restore this splendid altarpiece in situ. The enthusiastic and open-minded team has achieved this incredible result with a relatively modest budget”, stressed the jury.

Recognition awards were given to twenty-nine laureates from eighteen countries for outstanding accomplishments in the conservation of cultural heritage, research, education, training and awareness-raising, and for dedicated service in preserving cultural heritage. The winners were picked by a jury of independent experts from among two hundred and two candidates.


Estonian Annual Museum Awards 2016

Science Award in the Events Category

The Science Award in the Events Category of 2016 was granted to Niguliste Museum for carrying out the project “Rode Altarpiece in Close-up” (2013–2016). The project was centered around the technical examination and conservation of the retable (1478–1481) of the high altar of the Niguliste church in Tallinn, crafted in the workshop of the master Hermen Rode of Lübeck. The most significant aspect of the project was the inclusion of imaging and information technology solutions, as well as scientific studies, comprehensive documentation and the mapping of information. A great focus was set on the popularisation of science by presenting the study results through educational programmes, workshops and multimedia solutions (website, blog, interactive multimedia programme, Science Web and much more).

The Estonian Annual Museum Awards are a series of yearly awards given out by the Museum Council and the Estonian Museum Association in collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage Board.


National award for Popularisation of Science, 2015

In 2015, the Estonian Research Council granted the Niguliste Museum project “Rode Altarpiece in Close-up” the second prize in the category “Activities/activity programmes for the popularisation of science and technology” for their promotion of scientific methods, the integration of humanities and natural sciences, and the presentation of cultural heritage to the general public.


TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014

The Niguliste Museum was recognised by the well-known travel info website TripAdvisor based on the positive feedback given by visitors. The award has previously also been gained by the Kumu Art Museum and Kadriorg Art Museum.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence honors select accommodations, attractions, and restaurants that consistently demonstrate a commitment to hospitality excellence.

Estonian Annual Museum Awards 2010

Heritage Protector in a Museum

In 2010, the title of Heritage Protector was awarded to the director of the Niguliste Museum Tarmo Saaret for a noteworthy contribution to the convergence between the museum and heritage protection.

The Estonian Annual Museum Awards are a series of yearly awards given out by the Museum Council and the Estonian Museum Association in collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage Board.

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