Artist Talk: melanie bonajo 10/11/2023 | 17:00

Kumu Art Museum
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melanie bonajo
Lecture or talk

Artist Talk: melanie bonajo

Join the artist melanie bonajo for an Artist Talk at Kumu’s new exhibition When the Body Says Yes+ as part of the exhibition’s opening programme. The talk will be hosted by the exhibition’s curator Maria Arusoo, Director of the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art. The discussion will focus on the artist’s creative practices and the projects displayed at the exhibition. The talk will be held in English.

When the Body Says Yes+ is a solo exhibition by the Dutch artist melanie bonajo. The exhibition seeks to answer the question of whether there is still a place for intimacy in today’s increasingly commercialised and technological world. The central theme of the exhibition is touch: literally, but also representing our relationship to each other and the world around us.

melanie bonajo is a Dutch artist, film-maker, somatic sex coach and educator, cuddle workshop facilitator and activist creating immersive queer spaces. The artist is interested in non-mainstream communities pushed to the margins of society, either through cultural exclusion or because they do not belong to a normative system. Issues of ethical and empathic coexistence, body politics, equality and alternative forms of perception of the world and oneself are prominent in bonajo’s work.