Kumu + Festheart film night: Skin Deep 19/03/2024 | 18:00

Kumu Art Museum

Kumu Auditorium

Alex Schaad. Skin Deep. 2022. Film still. Courtesy of Beta Cinema

Kumu + Festheart film night: Skin Deep

Kumu Art Museum and Festheart Film Festival bring to you the award-winning film Skin Deep (“Aus meiner Haut”, 2022) by the German director Alex Schaad. What does the physical body mean in today’s era of fluid identities? What happens when your body and soul do not match?

Last year’s winner of the Queer Lion Award, the trophy awarded to the best LGBT+ film at the Venice Film Festival, Skin Deep is a romantic fantasy drama about Leyla and Tristan, a seemingly happy couple. Together, they travel to a remote island, where they have been invited by Leyla’s childhood friend Stella (in the body of a 70-year-old man). The couples gathered on the island at the end of the summer get the chance to see the world through another person’s eyes and to slip into another person’s skin. Tristan and Leyla, who have undergone a ritual of exchange of bodies and souls, experience changes in their perceptions, behaviour, desires and relationships. Leyla, in particular (sometimes in a man’s body, sometimes in a woman’s), feels happy and liberated. But when she refuses to return to her old self, the situation spirals out of control…

Deep Skin / Aus meiner Haut

Germany 2022

Director: Alex Schaad
Starring: Jonas Dassler, Mala Emde, Maryam Zaree, Dimitrij Schaad and Edgar Selge

Duration: 103 min
In German with Estonian and English subtitles

The event is part of the public programme accompanying the exhibition melanie bonajo. When the Body Says Yes+. The exhibition seeks to answer the question of whether there is still a place for intimacy in today’s increasingly commercialised and technological world. The central theme of the exhibition is touch: literally, but also touch as our relationship to each other and the world around us.

Festheart is an annual LGBT+ film festival held every October since 2017. It is the first periodic film festival in the Baltics focusing on sexual and gender minorities. The aim of the festival is to find common ground between different social groups.

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