Organist Piret Aidulo 19/04/2024 | 18:00

Niguliste Museum

Organist Piret Aidulo

Organ concert
Organist Piret Aidulo


Johann Sebastian Bach – Two chorale preludes
Petr Eben – Verset II Ad Communionem
Healey Willan – Prelude on Deo gratias
Anti Marguste – Para-phrazein
Ester Mägi – Kyrie
Tõnis Kaumann – Organ mass
Max Reger – Melodia op 59 nr 11
Max Reger – Te Deum op 59 nr 12
Piret Aidulo began piano studies at the Viljandi Children’s Music School under the guidance of Leelo Rõuk and continued at the Tallinn Music High School. In 1987, Aidulo entered the Tallinn State Conservatoire to study music pedagogics and choir conducting, continuing organ studies under the guidance of Hugo Lepnurm in 1991. She obtained a master’s degree in 1998.
Piret Aidulo has worked as a choir conductor and organist at Tallinn Holy Spirit Church (1986–1989), she has taught organ at the Estonian Evangelican Lutheral Church Music School (1991–1999). Since 1989, Piret Aidulo works at Tallinn St Charles congregation as an organist and choir conductor (since 1991 the principal organist and music director). Since 1989, Aidulo has conducted Tallinn St Charles congregation’s Concert and Youth Choir and since 1991, vocal ensemble Vexilla Regis. Since 2002, Piret Aidulo works as a teacher at the Estonian Evangelican Lutheral Church Institute of Theology.
As an active organist, Piret Aidulo has given solo recitals and performed with different ensembles in Estonia and abroad. She has cooperated with Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of theatre Estonia, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Estonian National Male Choir, ensemble Collegium Consonante and participated at performances of several large-scale works, including Eduard Tubin’s Requiem and Rudolf Tobias’s Jonah’s Mission lähetamine, Enn Võrk’s Watch Therefore, Arthur Honegger’s Christmas Cantata, Leoš Janāček’s Glagolitic Mass, Franz Liszt’s works and Gustav Mahler’s symphonies. Piret Aidulo has been principal conductor of Spiritual Song Celebrations in 2000 and 2005. She belongs to the Estonian Evangelican Lutheral Church Music Association Institute (in 1993 and 1996–2005 chairman of the board), and is one of the founding members of the Association on Estonian Professional Musicians. In 2006, Piret Aidulo was awarded Hugo Lepnurm Scholarship. Composer Urmas Sisask’s work abandoned children is written for Piret Aidulo and Aabi Ausmaa (2004).