Pop-up Dye Kitchen: Designing Fabrics in the Shibori Technique 19/04/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Shibori tehnikas värvitud kangad, Belliisi Seenemaa.
Art course or workshop

Pop-up Dye Kitchen: Designing Fabrics in the Shibori Technique

The fabric design workshop will give you a quick overview of various techniques and methods that have been used for centuries to design fabrics.
Instructor Belliisi Seenemaa
The course takes place in Estonian, although English interpretation can be provided if necessary.
The Kumu printmaking studio will become a pop-up dye kitchen, where the participants will be taught how to dye fabrics in the shibori technique. In shibori, different folding and tie-dyeing techniques are used to create regular and abstract patterns.
The studio provides small pieces of cotton cloth to try out various folding techniques. We ask the participants to bring their own textiles (a pillow case, a cotton T-shirt or something similar) for dyeing.
Shibori is a centuries-old traditional dyeing technique from Japan. The basic approach of this art form is simple, yet clever: a piece of fabric is folded into a three-dimensional bundle before it is dyed. The process is very organised and calculated; with some practice, the results can generally be well controlled. The dye does not permeate the dense fabric folds, resulting in a light-coloured pattern against the dyed backdrop.
The course instructor, Belliisi Seenemaa, is a freelance artist who studied at the Tartu Art School with a speciality as a decorator and stylist, and later at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in the Textile Department. She has taken extra courses in Berlin on combining e-textiles and technologies, in France on traditional leatherworking techniques, and in Estonia on traditional processing methods of plant-based fibres and dyes.
On the day of the course, the participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge.