Shibori. Tie and Dye. Textile Designing Workshop 06/12/2023

Kumu Art Museum
Shibori tehnikas värvitud kangad, Belliisi Seenemaa.
Art course or workshop

Shibori. Tie and Dye. Textile Designing Workshop

6th of December from 5.30 pm to 8 pm
The course will be held in Estonian. Instruction is also possible in English.
Instructor: Belliisi Seenemaa
This textile designing workshop touches upon several techniques and methods that have been used in textile design for centuries.
The Kumu graphic art studio will turn into a pop-up textile dyeing workshop, where the shibori technique will be taught. Various folding and tying methods are used in shibori to create geometric and abstract patterns.
The workshop will provide small cotton samples on which the different folding methods can be practised. We kindly ask the participants to bring a few pieces of cloth (such as one or two pillow cases, a cotton shirt, etc) they would like to work on.
Shibori is a traditional Japanese fabric dyeing technique. The underlying principle of this art is simple but produces intricate works: before dyeing, a piece of cloth is folded so that it becomes three-dimensional. The process is orderly and methodical, and easy to master after a bit of practice. The dye will not soak in between the tight folds, so the result is a light-coloured pattern on a dyed background.
Instructor: Belliisi Seenemaa, a freelance artist who became a decorator-stylist at the Tartu Art School and also studied textiles at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. In addition, she has taken courses in e-textiles and technology combining in Berlin and has studied traditional leather art techniques in France, as well as traditional methods of processing plant-based fibres and dyes in Estonia.
On the day of the course, the participants can visit the exhibitions free of charge.