Provocations and Confrontations 10/05/2012 – 03/07/2012

National Museum in Warsaw

Provocations and Confrontations

In the National Museum in Warsaw, two exhibitions showcasing Estonian art will be opened; „Adapting Modernity: Classics of Estonian Art in the First Half of the 20th Century” and „Provocations and Confrontations“. The two exhibitions are united under the joint title „Art from Estonia“.

The exhibition „Confrontations and Provocations“, introducing the contemporary art of Estonia and curated by Eha Komissarov, holds as its focus viewing the image of Estonia through the critical author positions of the artists, from which an extensive display of opinions and attitudes emerges. The exhibition incorporates works by many artists currently active in the contemporary art scene of Estonia.

Along with the opening of the exhibition comes an extensive culture program, which introduces the Estonian-Polish art relations, literature and ethnography. Various lectures, music events, film screenings and family events will be taking place.

The Estonian art themed exhibitions will be accompanied by exhibition catalogues with texts in both Polish and English.

The exhibitions were organised in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Warsaw, Poland.

The two exhibitions are a continuation of the collaboration between the Art Museum of Estonia and Polish art institutions that began in 2007, when the exceptionally successful exhibition „Metaphore and Myth. Literary and Historical Motifs in Polish Art at the Turn of the 19th Century“, put together by the National Museum in Szczecin. was exhibited in Estonia.

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