The Holy Family. Concert by the Early Music Ensemble Rondellus 24/05/2023 | 18:00

Niguliste Museum
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Püha hõimkonna altariretaabel (detail). Michel Sittowi töökoda ja sellega seotud meistrid Tallinnas. U 1510–1520. Bollnäsi kogudus, Rootsi Kirik

The Holy Family. Concert by the Early Music Ensemble Rondellus

The concert combined with a lecture is dedicated to Nordic early music and the family of the Virgin Mary. The event is inspired by the exhibition Michel Sittow in the North?.

The exhibition focuses two masterpieces of the Late Middle Ages: the Tallinn Passion Altarpiece and the Bollnäs Holy Kinship Altarpiece in Sweden. In art history, both altarpieces are associated with Michel Sittow (ca 1469–1525), an internationally renowned artist who was born in Tallinn.

The Bollnäs Holy Kinship altarpiece and Tallinn Holy Kinship retable depict the family of the Virgin Mary, which includes also the mother and grandmother of the Mother of God and other relatives. Kerttu Palginõmm, curator of the Niguliste Museum will talks about the artworks.

The Rondellus is a renowned early music ensemble.

Maria Staak – vocals, wheel lyre
Ester-Silva Erikson – vocals, portative organ
Johanna-Maria Jaama – fiddle
Anna-Liisa Eller – psaltery, recorders, percussion
Robert Staak – lute, percussion

Supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.